In a new and unique step… a contest to create “social media influencers” – today 24

At a time when the Arab world is experiencing a kind of controversy about the insignificance that permeates the world of “social networks” due to the owners of my “daily life” and the content that contributes to the consolidation of negative thoughts among the collective emergent. , is expected to launch a new Arab program aimed at educating and training four girls to become social media influencers.

In a new and unique step, which could overturn existing small scales on social networking sites, four girls will engage in competition and excitement through a new show to be broadcast on the “Shahid VIP” app titled “Zeros for Heroes”.

The show aims to gain new skills that enable participants to create meaningful and creative content and become brilliant influencers on social media platforms within ten episodes of ten challenges.

It is expected that one of the participants will be crowned with the title of the program, as she will ascend to the throne of stardom and fame in the world of “Social Media” so that she can then work on the approach she gained through the program and create her own content.

Various media and social media experts, such as Ali Abu Shaleh, Adel Idan, Soraya Al-Masry, Suhair Hammoud, Lana Fahmy and others, are overseeing the “Zeros for Heroes” program, framing and guiding the participating girls.