Mozambique joins gas exporters to Europe

Mozambique is preparing to export the first shipment of liquefied natural gas, to join the ranks of exporters benefiting from the rise in world gas prices, in the context of the energy crisis resulting from the Russian war against Ukraine.

According to press reports, the LNG tanker operated by the British company BP is scheduled to arrive on August 24 at a new floating terminal of the Italian company Eni, off the north coast of Mozambique.

Mozambique, located in southern Africa, considered the third poorest country in the world, according to World Bank data, inaugurated the first natural gas export terminal, at a time when the shortage of Russian gas supply after the war of Ukraine caused high prices in Europe.

Eni said, “The operation of the “Coral Sol” floating export terminal is progressing well, and the start of export will be announced in due course,” adding that it plans to set up a second floating export platform in Mozambique, which is He is expected to start working within 4 years.

It is noteworthy that European countries are looking for an alternative to Russian gas, after they were affected by the Russian war in Ukraine, and have taken strict measures to reduce fuel consumption and speed up storage operations before the next season. of winter.