The Katama fire spreads in the cedar forests for the fourth day and the authorities mobilize all means – today 24

The efforts of the authorities of the province of Alhucemas, and with them of the different departments that surround it, continue to control the Mount Agandro fire at the Bani Issa roundabout, affiliated with the Abdel Ghayah Al Sahel group, in Kutama district.

According to a source in the region, the fire, which broke out in the Cedar Forest since last Wednesday, is expanding dramatically, warning of the danger of its transmission to Mount Tadgine, adjacent to Bani Issa.

The same source warned, in relation to “Al-Youm 24”, that two fire-fighting planes arrived yesterday, Friday, at the site of the fire, but the difficulty of the terrain, and after the location of the Al-Wahda dam for the supply of water… all are factors that prevented the flames from being extinguished, highlighting the role played by the intervention teams; The auxiliary forces, the men of the water and the forests, the armed forces, the local authority, the royal gendarmerie, but the reinforcement of the “Kanadir” fleet with additional suppression planes has become urgent, confirms the son of the region.