The King addresses the nation on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People

Today, Saturday, King Mohammed VI will address the nation on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the King and the people.

The Ministry of Royal Palaces, Honors and Honors has confirmed in a statement that the royal speech will be broadcast on radio and television, starting at nine o’clock this Saturday night.

Today, Saturday, the Moroccan people celebrate the anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people that broke out 69 years ago in 1953, after French colonialism exiled the late King Mohammed V.
The rhythm of the Moroccan resistance intensified as a result of this colonial measure, when acts of resistance and redemption broke out, whose main objective was the return of the legitimate king and his honorable family from exile to the homeland and the declaration of independence.

Demonstrations, vigils, clandestine resistance, and guerrilla actions erupted, and the national struggle culminated in the start of operations by the Liberation Army in the north of the country on October 1, 1955.

The colonial administration had no choice but to submit to the will of the throne and the people, so King Mohammed V was returned from exile to Morocco on November 16, 1955.

Celebrating the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the King and the People, according to a statement issued by the High Commissioner for Members of the Resistance and the Liberation Army, urges “the entire political, trade union, human rights, youth and of women to strengthen the national internal front and promote trends and development options that respond to the expectations and aspirations of all groups and segments of Moroccan society”.

On this occasion, the delegate himself and his regional and local offices organize educational, cultural and communicative activities and events with historical memory, in coordination and alliance with government sectors, public institutions, elected bodies, associations and civil society organizations.