The King calls for the creation of a mechanism to keep up with the skills of Moroccans in the world and rehabilitate their institutional framework

King Mohammed VI called for the creation of a special mechanism, whose mission is to keep pace with Moroccan talents and talents abroad, and support their initiatives and projects.

Faced with the renewed aspirations of Moroccans around the world, the king said: “It is time to modernize and rehabilitate the institutional framework for this beloved group of citizens.”

The King underlined the need to establish a permanent structural relationship with Moroccan experts abroad, including Moroccan Jews.

This will allow, according to the King, to meet her, communicate with her constantly and introduce her to the qualities of her country, including the dynamics of development and investment.

In this sense, King Mohammed VI paid tribute and recognition to the members of the Moroccan community residing abroad, who from the different platforms and places where they are present, are doing everything possible to defend territorial integrity.

King Mohammed VI revealed that Morocco has a community of some five million, in addition to hundreds of thousands of Moroccan Jews abroad, throughout the world, despite the problems and difficulties they face. The strength of human ties, and the pride of belonging to Morocco, is not limited to the first generation of immigrants; Rather, it is passed down from generation to generation, up to the third and fourth generations.

On the other hand, King Mohammed VI asked in a speech to the nation tonight, Saturday, on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the King and the people: “What do we provide them to consolidate this connection with the homeland? Do the legislative framework and public policies take their specificities into account? Are the administrative procedures appropriate to your circumstances? Have we provided them with the necessary religious and educational framework? Have we assigned them the necessary support and adequate conditions for the success of their investment projects?

At a time when the king said that the state is making great efforts to guarantee a good reception to the Moroccans of the world, he stressed in return that this is not enough. Because many of them, unfortunately, still face many obstacles and difficulties, to fulfill their administrative purposes, or start their projects. What needs to be addressed.