The theft of foreigners is a common business in Colombia, and there are no official documents among the disappeared Moroccan diplomats – Hoy 24

Farida Loudaya, Moroccan ambassador to Colombia, said that the embassy staff, who was the victim of the robbery, was on their first mission abroad and stressed that, contrary to what was circulating, the two girls who dined with them did not they were not prostitutes, but rather “normal” girls they met through the dating app.

The Moroccan diplomat revealed the details of the story again, noting that the employees in question are in their thirties, one of whom is an embassy secretary, adding that they met two girls on Monday, August 15, through a dating app and agreed. on a dinner date.

“It was supposed to be a normal dinner,” he added. But as soon as they left the restaurant, the two diplomats felt dizzy, although they did not drink any alcohol”, he continued, “the two young men are very professional and polite, but they were not attentive”.

It was recorded that the two girls pretended to help the two young diplomats, and offered to take them to the house and call a taxi to take them, and when they arrived at the house of one of them, the diplomats completely lost consciousness. . When they woke up, they found that their money, two computers and a tablet had been stolen.

He stressed that “in the ministry there is absolutely no tolerance for this type of accident. Whether they are victims or not, members of our embassies abroad must be above suspicion.”

He pointed out that the preliminary investigations showed that the two young men had taken a type of sleeping pill, “unfortunately, this type of practice is common in Colombia, especially in large cities,” and stressed that the attack on the two young men was due to the fact that they were foreigners and not because they were diplomats.

The ambassador said that returning the officials to Morocco constitutes the worst punishment that can be given in the life of a diplomat, recalling that after their arrest, they were presented before a disciplinary council and an investigation was opened against them by the General Inspection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Matters, where they can face a sanction of firm dismissal.

The official denied that the operation was the result of an act of espionage against diplomats, or the theft of official documents, and stressed that everything stolen was personal effects, including money, and pointed out that diplomats do not carry important documents, but They do not have access to their emails, cell phone communications are encrypted and everything related to the embassy remains within its facilities.