Al-Santisi calls for the creation of a government sector in charge of the community

The head of the kinetic team in the House of Representatives, Driss Al-Santisi, called for thinking about the creation of a government sector that manages the affairs of Moroccans around the world with a harmonious horizontal vision, highlighting, in his comment on the content of the royal speech on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people, which strengthens ties with the Moroccan community residing abroad requires a review of cultural attitudes towards this group and ensure their representation in Parliament.

In the aforementioned royal speech, which King Mohammed VI addressed to the nation yesterday, Saturday, praising the Moroccan community abroad, Al-Sentissi believes, in a call to the “Youm 24″ website, that positive interaction with he requires “clearing space for the powers that the Moroccan community has abroad through the regulatory law for the appointment of positions.” Supreme”.

The same party official also advocated invoking the situation of the world’s investors and young Moroccans in the new investment letter, putting an end to the complex procedures and undertaking a comprehensive administrative reform.

Regarding King Mohammed VI’s sending a clear message to some countries that have a traditional partnership with Morocco to express his position on the Moroccan Sahara, Al-Sentisi says: “The meaning of this message is the end of the time of leniency with double positions, and the need to reveal a clear position and get out of the gray area and hide behind public statements that reverse ambiguity and give way to all interpretations.

The first sense is to get out of this closed angle, continues the head of the haraki group, in a press release (it is France, which is the first economic partner of Morocco and with outstanding historical and political relations, but has been slow to reveal an explicit position and decisive, and this was measured against some countries of the Maghreb space).