For the video of the dance… the Prime Minister of Finland takes a “cocaine” test – today 24

Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, revealed that she had taken a “drug test” in the context of her appearance in a controversial video clip that circulated this week, which showed her “celebrating and dancing with her friends, some of the which mentioned the word “cocaine”, while Marin denied it.

Marín considered, at a press conference yesterday, Friday, “the calls for her to take a drug test were unfair,” referring to the demand of some politicians for the aforementioned test to be done, pointing out that they are “very serious accusations ”.

The test carried out by the leader of the Social Democratic Party, the results of which will be known within a week.

The youngest prime minister, elected in 2019, has drawn criticism for her celebration as her country navigates multiple crises, including rising tension with Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.