Handling companies exploit us in the most horrific way and do not respect the Labor Law – Hoy 24

The National Private Security Guards Authority said manipulation companies are exploiting them in the most horrific way. They still suffer from low wages, which have not yet reached the minimum level.

The same authority revealed that most handling companies do not respect the provisions of the Labor Code, especially with regard to the working day set at 44 hours per week.

He stressed that the private security guard currently works 72 hours a week, and does not receive a salary for an additional 28 hours, in addition to depriving him of health insurance and annual vacations or compensation for paid national and religious holidays, and not declaring the full days in the Social Security Fund, which is 26 days in the month.

The Security Guards Authority, in a statement received by “Hoy 24”, with a copy of it, accused the manipulating companies of “defrauding” in various ways to get rid of private security guards, especially the old ones, so that they do not could pay all their legal rights, in addition to the process of indefinite detention and forcing Some have submitted their resignations, as well as some of them suffer from unjustified expulsion, announcing in this context that private security guards were recently deprived of benefiting from Eid al- Adha scholarship, as is the case in some departments.

The National Authority of Private Security Guards of Morocco, in a statement from its executive office, strongly condemned the behavior of the manipulation companies, which it described as “inhumane”, threatening to take all necessary measures to demand all the inferior rights of the security guards. through all forms of legal struggle in force.