The community council calls for a positive interaction with the instructions of King Mohammed VI – today 24

After the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad appreciated the content of the royal speech on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people, it called on the institutional actors to interact positively with the royal instructions regarding modernization and rehabilitation of the institutional framework for Moroccans throughout the world and reconsider the governance model of existing institutions, with a view to increasing their efficiency and integration.

The aforementioned positive interaction, according to a statement issued by the same council, should be in line with the peculiarities of this category of Moroccan citizens and respond to their aspirations, either in relation to the improvement of administrative services aimed at them, or by equipping them with additional incentives. in terms of investment, or by strengthening its religious, cultural and educational framework, or by creating objective conditions to involve its skills in the development workshops known to Morocco.

The same source considered that the royal tribute to the members of the Moroccan community residing abroad, in the speech of the anniversary of the revolution of the King and the people, is “a gesture of grace, patriotic gratitude and justice for the members of the Moroccan community abroad, for its connection with its mother country, its adherence to its sanctities, its continuous support of its supreme interests and its constant support for it in a time of prosperity and severity”.

It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned council, which was established in 2007 as a consultative institution with administrative and financial independence, has the task of ensuring the monitoring and evaluation of the public policies of the Kingdom of Morocco towards its immigrant citizens, with the aim of to guarantee their rights and intensify their participation in the political, economic, cultural and social development of the country.
The Council is also in charge of carrying out the functions of understanding and anticipating migratory problems and of contributing to the development of relations between Morocco and the governments and societies of the countries of residence of Moroccan immigrants.