Citizens hold a sit-in in the Ángel group in Pullman, in protest against the water crisis – Hoy 24

The residents of the Ángel group in the Pullman region have been holding a sit-in in front of the group’s headquarters to demand drinking water and avoid the crisis of its frequent interruptions for citizens.

A source from the protesters, in relation to “Al-Youm 24”, explained that the water problem in the Engel area goes back years, since the National Water Office began to operate the service installation, without bothering in developing a proactive plan, and creating a well that would be added to the community’s well.

The same source warned that the water crisis in Engel is not related to the issue of drought, as promoted, but to the management of the sector, and to the “recklessness with the neighbors” of the corresponding authority, which had previously warned. against reaching this stage, and cutting off the water to the residential neighborhoods of the community.

Regarding how to manage the water crisis in the Angel group, the spokesperson said that most citizens buy cars to bring water from outside the center, with the additional costs that this implies, highlighting the need to find a way out of the issue of water, at the risk of continuing with the sit-in, and developing forms of protest for drinking water.