Controversy over the prevention of mixing on a beach in the Driush area – today 24

The Moroccan “National Front against Extremism and Terrorism” wrote to the Minister of the Interior, the Wali of the eastern region, in addition to the governor of the Driouch region, and the President of the National Human Rights Council, regarding a banner hanging on the “Hama Al-Shaabi” beach in the Dar Al-Kibdani commune in the Driouch district that prevents women from entering the beach on Fridays, and assigns specific times for men and women to attend.

According to the plaque placed on the beach, the women were assigned the morning shift from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon; As for men, it is from two in the afternoon until half past eight at night.

In the correspondence “Hoy 24”, the Front called for the procedures to be carried out for the investigation of an event that it considered “an act that is part of the agenda of political Islam and criminal terrorism that spreads hatred and discrimination in the public space and calls for and incites terrorism, in addition to the solutions of parties outside of society that replace the State in the organization of society”.

However, activists in the region considered, through publications on social networks, that the matter had nothing to do with avoiding mixing between men and women or extremism, noting that the area is a beach and is open to the public, while Al-Hama is a source of water from a sea cliff that flows directly into the sea so that the fresh water mixes with the salt water in a small basin-like area.

According to activists, this basin is narrow and does not have room for many people, it is called “the bathroom” and it is rumored that it has therapeutic properties, so the narrowness of the area and the conservative nature of the population make it difficult to mix