Professionals hold the Ministry of Equipment responsible for fatal traffic accidents – today 24

The issue of the rehabilitation of passenger bus drivers has come to the fore again following the tragic passenger bus accident in Khouribga, in which 23 people were killed and several passengers were injured.

The deputy general secretary of the Trade Union Center of Workers’ Committees of Morocco, Abdelali El Khafi, attributed the cause of most traffic accidents to the human element, in addition to the responsibility of the Ministry of Equipment and Water, which is still present, according to the same professional, in an interview with “Al-Youm 24”, because at the time he assures that drivers are given a driving certificate and a professional card, the question remains, does the Ministry qualify this category of professionals?

The same speaker stressed that the recklessness of some drivers, especially young people, is among the causes of traffic accidents that cause catastrophes on the roads due to “the illusion and inexperience of young people”.

The same official continued to refer to the causes of traffic accidents, tiredness and weariness of drivers, holding the ministry responsible, highlighting that the ministry in question did not activate the traffic code, especially determining work hours and comfort of the drivers.

In response to those who blame the dilapidated infrastructure of some roads, Al-Khafi said: “The professional driver has to adapt to the road, whatever it is, and should not take poor infrastructure as a reason to make fatal mistakes.”

The regional editor of the Moroccan Democratic Union of Labor in the road transport sector at the Inezgane station, in his intervention on the “Al-Youm 24” website, had previously blamed bus accidents for “forcing the bus drivers to work for more than nine continuous hours”, adding that the defect lies in the randomness in the granting of Exceptional Licenses for buses without obliging companies to specify an alternative driver for buses that obtain exceptional licenses to circulate outside their regular hours.
It should be noted that traffic accidents in Morocco leave around 3,500 deaths and more than 10,000 serious injuries annually, and losses due to traffic accidents are estimated at 1.7 percent of gross domestic product, equivalent to 19,500 million dirhams per year.