The Administrative Court orders the dismissal of the second vice president of the Muhammadiyah Community – Today 24

The Casablanca Administrative Court decided this week to remove Said Abd as a member of the Muhammadiyah Community Council.

He also ruled, rejecting the request in his part regarding his removal as a member of the Community Council.

The Muhammadiyah city worker had issued a decision to arrest Al-Saeed Abed, who is the second deputy head of the Muhammadiyah group, Hisham Ait Menna, for carrying out his duties; It is then that a final judgment is issued on the request for his dismissal.

Consequently, the Pasha of the city of Muhammadiyah contacted the head of the collective council of the city of Muhammadiyah about the arrest of Saeed Abed, who belongs to the National Group of Independents party, and the second deputy of Ait Menna for the performance of their duties. following a dispatch from the Muhammadiyah prefectural worker on July 22, asking Ait us to take necessary action on the issue.

The content of the correspondence said that the regional authority issued a global decision under No. 24 to arrest Al-Saeed Abd, the second vice president, in the exercise of his duties, and is delegated to the construction sector, when it was issued. a final sentence. on the request for his dismissal.

Al-Saeed Abd’s request for dismissal arises because he was accused of granting a license to demolish a group of old villas without respecting the legal procedures for it