Great controversy over the Minister of Tourism spending her vacations in Tanzania – today 24

The Minister of Tourism, Crafts, Social and Solidarity Economy, Fátima Zahra Amour, did not expect a photo she published with her family while spending her vacations in the jungles of Tanzania, a wide wave of criticism.

The criticism reached the point of denouncing that the minister in question has the tourism portfolio, which is supposed to promote domestic tourism in Morocco instead of promoting tourism in another country.

The aforementioned image spreads like wildfire on social networks, accompanied by comments from the minister’s critics who denounce her “double personality”, since she, while spending her vacations outside of Morocco, publishes on her official Facebook page, capsules and posters calling citizens. within Morocco and the Moroccans of the world to choose destinations Internal tourism and promotion of the Moroccan tourist product.

Al-Ayyam weekly journalist Mohamed Karim Boukhassas commented on this saying, “Ms. Fatima al-Zahra could have quietly spent her vacation in Zanzibar without anyone knowing, but she chose to post her photos while enjoying her time. and telling us how beautiful it is to spend the holidays in Zanzibar… There is a very fine line between the private and public life of an official, regulated by political intuition and political correctness”.

The former federal parliamentarian, Hanan Rehab, described what Amour did as “political ignorance”, adding that “it is difficult to understand” that it has been done in Morocco, since the scourge of the technocratic minister who despises politics, according to Rehab, “is that he is trying to evade responsibility for a political error, fleeing towards technical answers… although it is dyed in a partisan color, he believes that politics needs him and it is not like that”.

On the other hand, some comments considered that the fact that the aforementioned minister spent her vacations in Tanzania is part of the idiosyncrasy that cannot be interfered with, considering that the criticisms leveled against the minister are framed within the framework of the political bets that are are available in the “populist” Dictionary.