Parliamentary demands to support the prices of books and school supplies – today 24

The Progress and Socialism team of the Chamber of Deputies submitted a written question to the Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports on the “request for support for the prices of books and school supplies.”

The written question indicated that the entrance to the school for this academic year 2022-2023 is characterized by a rise in the prices of books and school supplies compared to the prices that were in the previous year, according to the same source, this amounted to about 40 percent. in some books, without calculating the increases that mattered Papers, pens and some other school supplies.

The Ministry of National Education, Preliminary Education and Sports previously announced that textbook prices will not change during the 2023-2022 school entry.

The same ministry issued a joint decision with the economy and finance ministry to assign a support mechanism to textbook publishers, after a series of consultations with the interministerial price committee.

The aforementioned parliamentary group said: “Parents and guardians of students who bought school supplies for their children complain about the high prices, which requires urgent government intervention to support the purchasing power of citizens.”

The same source urged the government to allocate a financial mechanism to support textbook publishers, especially those aimed at primary and secondary education levels, as well as mitigate the wave of high prices due to the high cost of printing and printing. shortage. of paper material in the international market.

He pointed out that the beneficiaries of this procedure are low-income families, especially those who live in rural, remote and mountainous areas, and on the outskirts of cities, which will enhance the opportunity for the sons and daughters of these families to continue studying, and ensure that they continue to join their departments, at least until they obtain a high school certificate, and reduce dropout rates.

The same source also called on the Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, to reveal the measures he will take to support the purchase of books and school supplies, given the alarming increase in their prices, to ensure a start normal for the next school entry.