The arrest of a “fake” tour guide who sold drugs to tourists in Marrakech – Hoy 24

Yesterday, Sunday, members of the third security department of Marrakech managed to arrest 9 people, after a person posing as a tourist guide of a member of the tourist police resisted.

Informed sources said that an element of the tourist police was the object of a violent resistance at the level of Arsat El Ghazayel Darb Al Druj in the old city of Marrakech, by “Fokaid” in the mentioned neighborhood, where the security element persecuted the suspect after he was arrested while selling pieces of the drug “Shira” to some foreign tourists, the accused fled, and when they were chasing him, he entered a house and the security element followed him to arrest him, but the The suspect offered the guard, accompanied by the inhabitants of the house, violent resistance.

The incident mobilized the security services of Marrakech, headed by the security governor of Marrakech, who traveled to the scene, accompanied by the Vice President of the Fifth Security Region, the Director of the Judicial Police, the Antiterrorist Squad, the Corps anti-terrorist. Gang Squad and various security forces The accused were taken to the third security department for further investigation.