A court in Donetsk begins to study the request for the revocation of the death sentence against the Moroccan Saadoun – Today 24

Donetsk Justice Minister Yuri Serovatko announced that cassation proceedings against the death sentence of three foreigners in the Donetsk People’s Republic are currently being considered. This comes against the background of developments in the case of Ibrahim Saadoun, a Moroccan who was sentenced for execution in the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”, a region that declared its separation from Ukraine with the blessing of Russia.

Serovatko said, according to the Russian news agency TASS, that “the three foreigners’ lawyers have filed appeals against the ruling, and the applications are still under consideration.”

The death sentence was passed against three foreigners, who were captured in Mariupol (Donbass), they are the British citizens Sean Benner and Aiden Aslin, as well as the Moroccan citizen Ibrahim Saadoun. According to Russian media, the three confessed to having participated in the offensive launched by Ukraine against Donetsk.

Taher Saadoun, Ibrahim’s father, rejects what is circulated in the Russian media about his son being a “mercenary”, because “his son has Ukrainian citizenship in 2020, that is, before the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war”.