Abdelhak Khayyam… The path of the most prominent persecutors of terrorists in Morocco from the BNPJ to the BCIJ – Hoy 24

On Tuesday, many security figures attended the funeral of Abdel Haq Khayyam, one of the most prominent security figures in recent years. In the midst of an atmosphere of affection and the presence of masses of citizens in the Cemetery of the Martyrs, in Casablanca, his body was buried in an atmosphere of sadness, and the General Directorate of National Security and the General Directorate of Surveillance of the National Territory They mourned Security Wali Abdelhak Khayyam, the former director of the Central Office of Judicial Investigations, who died early Tuesday morning in Casablanca, at the age of 64. Who is Abdul Haq Khayyam?

A native of Casablanca and a fan of Raja Casablanca, Khayyam worked his way up within the security services. After graduating from the Royal Institute of Police, the deceased worked in the interests of the judicial police in various security areas in Casablanca, before assuming the presidency of the National Division of Judicial Police, where he developed a long stage of his career.

In 2015, as part of the annual internal promotion, the deceased’s name appeared on the list of security officials who were promoted to the rank of Security Wali.

When the Central Office of Judicial Investigation was created in 2015, the deceased assumed the position of director of this new security apparatus, which made the deceased, during the five years he was in charge, one of the most prominent symbols of the fight against terrorism in Morocco, and one of the trusted security officers in the field of security cooperation that links Morocco with European countries.

In the year 2020, the deceased will be relieved of the aforementioned post, and his successor will be appointed by his deputy, Al-Sharqawi Haboub. Sources at the time suggested that this exemption is not related to any disciplinary decision as much as it is. related to renewing the blood of a security apparatus that plays an important role in the fight against terrorism.

The deceased communicated well with the press and befriended several journalists. Channel Two journalist Maryam Al-Raisi wrote on her shock-affected “Facebook” account: “My friend died… since 2016 at the first professional opportunity I met with you, my dear, I have always been willing to provide advice. with love, praise, and attention to all the reports I have made, including those insights and conclusions, “which you have confidently shared with me to enlighten my mind.”

The deceased continued to serve as an adviser to the director general of the General Directorate of National Security, Abdel Latif Hammouchi, before the disease infiltrated him, and continued to receive treatment until he died at dawn on Tuesday.