Columns of billboards in Safi Beach threaten the lives of citizens – today 24

This afternoon, Wednesday, Safi beach witnessed a billboard fall, injuring two cleaners.
The two victims were transferred in a civil protection ambulance to the Mohammed V Regional Hospital to receive the necessary care.

According to a union source from the cleaning company authorized by the sector, the two workers have recovered.

According to sources, while the two workers were busy cleaning the beach ledge, the billboard fell on them, knocking them to the ground in a state of fainting.
According to eyewitnesses, the iron pole of the billboard was rusty from the intense humidity and spray from the sea waves.
Supporters hold the municipal council responsible for its negligence in maintenance.
In order not to add another tragedy, whose victims may be the beachgoers, which this summer attracted large numbers from inside and outside the city, the observers of local affairs demand that the interests of the community take the initiative to maintain the columns and irons. Barriers on the beach.