Shada Hassoun chooses the city of Casablanca to spend her summer vacations (photos) – Hoy 24

The actress Shada Hassoun spends her summer vacations in Morocco and in particular in the city of Casablanca, where she shares with her followers how much she enjoys her vacation days in her country, Morocco.

Shada expressed her love for Morocco through the images she shared through the “Al-Asturi” report on her official “Instagram” account, where she appeared in one of the well-known restaurants in the city of Casablanca, commenting on “Saqala”. : “I love Morocco.”

Shada Hassoun wants to post images of Moroccan traditions and dishes and dishes that characterize Morocco, where she shared the chicken tagine and the buried sword, and also posted images of the Moroccan breakfast environment containing eggs with khila on the app itself. , fattened and Harcha ..

It should be noted that the Moroccan-Iraqi, Shada Hassoun, began her summer vacation from France, and precisely the city of “Cannes” to complement them in Morocco.