Al-Ahrar seeks to mobilize Moroccan Jews abroad to participate in political life

The National Association of Independents set its sights on Moroccan Jews abroad, a few days after the royal speech on the anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people, a speech in which the issue of their involvement was raised.

The party said after a meeting chaired by Anis Biro, regional coordinator of the 13th region, “the Moroccans of the world”, with the coordinators of the National Association of Independents abroad, Moroccans residing in each country and encouraging them to participate actively in the political, social and economic life of his mother country, Morocco.

On Saturday, King Mohammed VI called for the creation of a special mechanism whose mission is to keep pace with Moroccan talents abroad and support their initiatives and projects, stressing the need to establish a permanent structural relationship with Moroccan talents abroad. , including Moroccan Jews.

In a speech on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the King and the People, the King stated that this mechanism will make it possible to identify Moroccan talents and talents abroad, and “constantly communicate with them, and introduce them to the qualifications of their country, including the dynamics of development and investment”.

In this sense, the King renewed the invitation to young Moroccans and entrepreneurs, residing abroad, to benefit from the multiple investment opportunities in the country, and from the incentives and guarantees granted by the new investment charter.

In this sense, the King called on public institutions and the national financial and business sector to open up to community investors, adopting effective incubation, support and collaboration mechanisms, for the benefit of all.

Given the renewed aspirations of the Moroccans of the world, the King advocated the modernization and rehabilitation of the institutional framework of this category of citizens, and a review of the governance model of the existing institutions, with a view to increasing their efficiency and integration. .

Recalling the special interest he attaches to the involvement of the community in the development process, the King stated that Morocco “needs today, for all its citizens, and for all the skills and experiences residing abroad, whether to work or settle in Morocco, either through various types of society, and contribute from the countries of residence.”