Ali Aldan releases a moving song from “Ray” titled “Shamili Yama” – Hoy 24

The young Moroccan, Ali Aldan, continues to publish the songs of “Al-Wayi”, in which he entered through a wide door in the science of art. A few days ago, he premiered his new song on his “YouTube” channel, titled “Shamili Yama”.

Ali’s new song was characterized by a sad romantic sentiment, as he talks to his mother about his history with his lover who betrayed him and surprised him with her marriage. It is written and composed by Bushnafa and distributed by Zaki Sohar.

Ali chose to present his song in the form of a video clip that he filmed in Morocco, his events revolve around a young man who loved a girl and abandoned him and turned to the world of addiction and the night until he repented and began to ask for she. forgiveness from her mother and tell him that the reason for what he got is his ex-girlfriend, so he chose the title of the song “Shamili Yama”, The clip was filmed and directed by Sufian Brod and Badr Al -Din Al-Maaroufi. .

It should be noted that the artist Ali Aldan joined the American company Havana as the first Moroccan artist to tour America and some countries in the world to perform his concerts.