Taounate fire devours 45 hectares… Two planes and 7 trucks were used to put it out

The fire that broke out in the Dukana El Dachar forest on the ground of the Mazraoua commune, Taounate districts, recently consumed about 40 hectares of forest trees and about 05 hectares of private land planted with olive trees.
The local authorities revealed that the fire was used to extinguish the important human and material capacities represented in the men and agents of authority, members of the auxiliary forces, the water and forest elements, the fight against desertification, the royal gendarmerie, civil protection, and workers of the Urach program, as well as the residents of the region who volunteered to contribute to the extinction work at the field level, which led to Stop the spread of the fire.
Regarding logistical means, 7 tanker trucks belonging to the civil protection and land groups, an all-terrain vehicle for initial intervention belonging to the Regional Directorate of Waters, Forests and the Fight against Desertification, and two mechanisms belonging to the “cooperation” group. . , as well as two Canadir aircraft dedicated to firefighting belonging to the Royal Armed Forces.