The National Union of the Moroccan Press condemns the exploitation of a “minor” by a media outlet – today 24

The National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press has expressed its condemnation of the exploitation of a “minor” by an appropriate media website, as well as the falsification of the press card by a website.

And before that, a photo of a “minor” circulating with a microphone bearing the logo of an appropriate media outlet provoked angry responses from professionals.

The union considered that “These actions violate the Labor Law, the Code of Ethics and the Rights of the Child, and violate all the laws that regulate the profession of journalist; It cannot be justified, professionally, ethically or legally, to commission an underage child to carry a microphone.”

And he announced that he saw “videos and photos that confirm that the same media site, granted a woman who was commissioned by the same site to cover up a” press card “, not issued by the National Press Council, with the same logo than the aforementioned site and the signature of its publication director.”

And the union added: “After the investigation, it was found that this woman does not have a professional license, which constitutes forgery and identity theft.”

The union underlined the “need for a legal response to these violations, and also called on the trustee and associated institutions in the management of the media sector to confront these legal and ethical violations, which now threaten the profession of journalism.”

The National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press confirmed that “the editorial committees of the different media” print, digital and audiovisual “are obliged to respect the laws that frame the profession and its ethics, and to ensure that events are covered in a way that the dignity of the profession is preserved, and in a way that even the facts that are covered up are respected”.