A young man dies after being hit by a bus and an elderly man was hit by a large truck in a fish tank

The town of Safi witnessed two separate incidents on Thursday night and morning that left a young man and an elderly man dead.
Late Wednesday/Thursday night, a young man believed to have a mental disorder was hit by a bus carrying fishworkers and killed instantly.
According to eyewitnesses, while the bus driver was returning from work late at night, on the “Fabrikat” road of “Jerf al-Yawdi” street, he was surprised to meet the victim, who was passing through the middle of the street. main road. .
The sources said that the victim is homeless and takes a corner on the way to the sardine factories on “Jorf Al-Yahwedi” street as his shelter.
Witnesses and civil activists blamed the Safi City Council for the total darkness that reigns in the street that borders the road that leads to the sardine factory.
This is not the first incident to occur due to darkness and poor lighting obscuring the view of road users, but drivers always suffer there, without the intervention of the municipality to improve lighting and alleviate the suffering of static. .
In the same context, a second incident occurred on Thursday morning at the main gate of one of the fish tanning factories in Safi, when a seventy-year-old victim was hit by a large truck (ramok) carrying sardines. at his chest when he tried to get out, killing him.
A source close to the victim, who was called “Al-Habib” in life, said that he is married with children, and that he worked as a guard in the factory at the accident site, and when he retired, factory officials he was retained for his work experience.
The two victims were transferred to the municipal morgue to carry out the autopsy of their bodies, by order of the competent Public Ministry, according to organized judicial procedures. Meanwhile, the security forces opened an investigation into the reasons and motives that may be behind the two events.