Law proposal to liquidate our pension system is unconstitutional – today 24

The “National Committee of Former Councilors of the Chamber of Councillors” sent Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch a memorandum of appeal against the bill regarding the liquidation of the pension system for members of the Chamber of Councillors.

The commission considered that article 4 of the bill to liquidate the pensions of the members of the Chamber of Councilors is unconstitutional. This is stated in a letter addressed by the aforementioned committee to Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch.

Under the motto of this commission, a series of parliamentary advisers who intervene in the pension system of the Chamber of Councilors and their successors are included.

The “National Committee of Former Councilors of the Chamber of Councilors” urged the Prime Minister to pay attention to the content of Article 4 of the proposed law to abolish and liquidate the pension system for members of the Chamber of Councillors.

And he called for a review of “the bill itself”, and said that it was “presented by an unspecified party”, and added that article 4 “allows the transfer of the funds of the advisors involved, of their contribution to their system of pensions in accordance with the law, to the Social Work Association of the employees of the Chamber of Councillors.” .

And he stressed that “the bill to liquidate the pension system of the members of the Advisory Council approved by the Finance, Planning and Economic Development Commission, includes a clear violation of the legally acquired positions, as well as its breach of the principle of solidarity. in the assumption of risks, and in the distribution of the remaining balance to all the advisors involved or with their rights, in accordance with fair and equitable standards.

He said that “no party has the right to benefit from a balance such as the contribution of those involved, and an acquired right that necessarily belongs to all those involved and their rights in the event of death, such as the civil pension system in Morocco. “

The same committee added: “The determination of the method of treatment of the surplus amounts in the consultants’ pension system is subsequent to the completion of the liquidation process as applied in the House of Representatives, through the return of the remaining balance of state contributions to the public treasury to ensure that the financial resources of the state are insured or transferred to the National Social Security Fund fund to support the financing of the Royal Social Protection Project and mandatory basic health insurance to cover the expenses of workers low-income involved in the public system

As well as “distributing the remaining balance of the contributions of the consultants to their owners who are involved in their pension system or their rights after the liquidation process as fees and acquired rights for all the consultants involved in the system and their rights”.