My husband is a precious gift from God who sent me after difficult days – day 24

The Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, goes on to praise her husband, Faeq Hassan, who described him this time as the gift that God sent her after all the difficult days of her life.

And Asala posted on her official “Instagram” page a photo of her with her husband, Faeq Hassan, expressing her love and respect for him, and thanking him for the treatment and care he has given her.

Nasri commented on the photo with: You are a blessing. I must prostrate myself before my Lord. I am grateful for the precious gift of him… You are the world I imagined with its beauty… Your heart is heaven.”

The Syrian artist added on her blog: “ In front of the whole world, I want to thank you for your great concern, the purity of your love and the pleasure of your company, thank you for your last breath, my dear.

It is noteworthy that Asala Nasri married the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan after a friendship that lasted more than 15 years, and the conversation between the two during this period did not go beyond the framework of work and art, but the matter became one day. from friendship to love.