The French president says that his country “does not ask for gasoline” from Algeria – today 24

French President Emmanuel Macron praised on Friday Algeria’s contribution to the “diversification” of gas supply sources to Europe by increasing its exports to Italy.

On the second day of his visit to Algeria, Macron stressed that “we are not in competition with Italy” for Algerian gas, highlighting “the scant importance of gas in the energy mix” in France.

He added: “I thank Algeria” for the increased quantities in the gas pipeline that feeds Italy, this is good for Italy and it is good for Europe and promotes the diversification of (sources) in Europe”, which depended heavily on Russian gas. .

Macron denied that France had come to “beg” gas from Algeria, as stated in some media comments, because “France depends a little on gas for its energy needs, about 20 percent, and in total, Algeria represents the 8 to 9 percent.”

“We are not in a situation where Algerian gas can change the data,” he added, noting that France “guaranteed its needs” for the winter and “stocks are within 90 percent.”

On the other hand, he stressed, “it is very good that there is greater cooperation and more gas towards Italy”, underlining the need for “European solidarity”.

The Algerian groups Sonatrach, the Italian Eni, the American Occidental and the French Total signed in mid-July a huge contract worth 4,000 million dollars, which provides for the “sharing” of oil and gas production in a field in the southeast of Algeria, which will last for 25 years.

Algeria also announced an increase in its gas shipments to Italy, which became its first supplier before Russia, after the invasion of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of 2022, Algeria has supplied Italy with 13.9 billion cubic meters, exceeding the previously agreed amounts by 113%.

Algeria is Africa’s leading gas exporter and supplies Europe with around 11% of its needs.