The Ministry of Health confirms that two of those infected with “monkey pox” in Morocco have “recovered”, while the third is in a “stable” state.

Moaz Al-Mrabet, coordinator of the National Center for Public Emergency Operations at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, said on Friday that the total number of confirmed cases of the “monkeypox” virus in Morocco is three.

He explained that all these cases are arriving in the Kingdom, highlighting that 11 cases were excluded after undergoing medical tests and making sure they were free of the disease.

And he affirmed that the registered case, today Friday, is that of a citizen of foreign nationality who recently arrived in Morocco, emphasizing that his state of health is stable, since he did not present any complications.

The coordinator of the National Center for Public Emergency Operations of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection indicated that the list of contacts is currently being narrowed down, noting that, to date, not all contacts present some clinical sign indicating that they suffer from this disease.

The same spokesman added, in a recorded tape, released on the official website of the Ministry of Health, that the two previous cases recovered from the “monkey pox” disease, noting that they were without complications and without transmitting the infection to their environment.

The same spokesperson mentioned that the national sanitary protocol for “monkey pox” had been updated twice, and explained that the Ministry of Health and Social Protection had expanded the laboratories capable of detecting and confirming cases; The Kingdom now has 16 laboratories in all regions, without exception.

He added that Morocco is at the first level of spread of the disease, and at the level of cases reaching the Kingdom, “which confirms that the epidemiological situation is very stable and there is no transmission or spread of the virus at the national level.” level.”