The Ministry of Higher Education reveals plans for the return of Moroccan students fleeing Ukraine to study in Moroccan schools – today 24

The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation revealed a set of procedures and measures to facilitate the enrollment of Moroccan students returning from Ukraine in national higher education institutions.

According to a statement issued by the ministry, today Friday these procedures concern medical, pharmacy and dental students who are still in the process of basic training, and students in the process of specialization, as well as students of other careers.

As for medical, pharmacy and dentistry students in the process of basic training, the Ministry announced the organization of a written test for all levels of the three tracks on Saturday, September 24, 2022. 2022-2023.

The registration opening date for the matches was set from September 3 to 16, 2022 in two phases; It is the electronic registration through a platform prepared for this purpose, which allows the candidate to express his choice of the universities in which he wishes to enroll and upload his file.

And deposit the paper file in one of the centers according to the student’s course: Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences in Casablanca for medicine, Al-Zahrawi International University of Health Sciences in Rabat for pharmacy and the International University of Rabat for dentistry.

The centers to pass the various matches were determined at the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences in Casablanca at the address Anfa City, Mohamed Tayeb Al-Nasiri Street, Al-Hasani District 304 82 for medical matches, and International Health University Al-Zahrawi. Sciences in Rabat at the address Allal El Fassi Street 1000, Rabat, for pharmacy matches, while the center for passing dental competitions at the International University of Rabat has been identified with the address Technopolis Rabat 11103.

The results will be announced on Saturday, September 24, 2022, according to the ministry statement, and registration will open from Tuesday, September 27 to Friday, September 30, 2022.

The ministry added that the principle of (ownership) by the point obtained in the match will be adopted to distribute students according to universities, and establish a mechanism to accompany and support students accepted in various institutions (scientific terms, languages, accompaniment ).

As for students who are pursuing their studies in medical specialties, the possibility of carrying out training in one of the national hospital institutions will be opened, as notified by the ministry (for a period of 6 months, extendable if necessary) under the supervision of public colleges, provided that an agreement and coordination is made with the relevant Ukrainian universities to complete these exercises to obtain certification.

The ministry stressed that the files of the interested parties will be deposited in one of the schools of medicine and pharmacy or dentistry closest to the student’s residence.

Regarding the disciplines of engineering, architecture, veterinary medicine and other disciplines, the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation has determined the procedures for the admission of interested parties to national higher education institutions in coordination with the sectors corresponding ministerial meetings, provided that the different parties are scheduled during the month of September 2022, highlighting that work will be done to inform the interested Order on different dates.