Judge orders Twitter to provide more information requested by Elon Musk

A judge asked Twitter on Friday to provide more information requested by Elon Musk about the fake accounts, to allow him to review his accusations against the social network.

Musk accuses the platform of lying about the volume of fake accounts and false messages spread on the social network, and relied on this excuse to justify his withdrawal from a $44 billion deal to buy the social network and its unilateral termination earlier. of July. .

Musk asked Judge Catalin Mack and Wormick to ask Twitter to disclose data about the platform’s users, calculation methods and performance standards used.

The judge considered this Thursday, the day after hearing the two parties, that it was “justified” to request “some additional data” from “Twitter” before the ruling scheduled for next October.

It also requested the social network data related to nine thousand accounts that were used to carry out an audit of false and false accounts during the last quarter of the year 2021, in addition to enabling the methods that were adopted to identify these accounts.

The Twitter platform commented that this could violate data protection, and the judge required that a limited number of people specialized in law and data analysis see it.

The judge also ordered Twitter to provide more data on the performance indicator the group uses to determine the number of actual users.

The judge disagreed with most of Musk’s demands, saying they were “too vague” and required “billions” of data.

The judge also asked the world’s richest people to provide analysis of the fake accounts by their experts.