The authorities return the painting “Hamat Al Shaabi” in Nador, after a controversy over the separation of men and women – today 24

On Friday, the authorities reinstated a new sign at the entrance to “Hama Al-Shaabi” in the Driouch region, after removing another one last week, after the “National Front for the Fight against Extremism and Terrorism” wrote to the Minister of the Interior about a poster that prevents mixing, which he considered “an act that enters the agenda of political Islam and criminal terrorism, which is to sow hatred and discrimination in public space.”

The new paint isn’t too different from its predecessor; It also prevents mixing between men and women in Hamma, with minor changes such as the addition of the Berber language and the name “Dar Al-Kibbani Community” and “Dariush Province”.

According to the newly created table, it maintained the same times set for women and men; The women were assigned the morning shift from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon; As for men, from two in the afternoon to half past eight at night, and on Fridays they are forbidden for women.

Neighbors of the area and activists denied that the reason for preventing the mixture in this narrow hamah was “extremism” or “terrorism”, according to the aforementioned front, noting that the area is a beach and is open to the public, while al-Hama , the subject of controversy, is a narrow water source. It doesn’t accommodate many numbers, and is called a “coral bath” and is rumored to have healing properties. Therefore, the nature of the narrow area and the conservative nature of the population make mixing difficult.