The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco responds to the fallacies of the statement of its Tunisian counterpart on the reception of the Polisario – today 24

In response to the statement issued by the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates stated that it “contains many interpretations and inaccuracies”, adding in a statement that it is “an attempt to justify the hostile and antipathetic behavior of the Tunisian authorities towards the first national question and the superior interests.” for the Kingdom of Morocco.

The statement clarified that the Tunisian Foreign Ministry’s statement did not remove the ambiguity surrounding Tunisia’s position, but rather contributed to deepen it, explaining that the TICAD forum is not a meeting of the African Union, but a framework for partnership between Japan and African countries. countries with which it maintains diplomatic relations.

The forum, the Moroccan statement adds, “is part of African partnerships, similar to the partnerships with China, India, Russia, Turkey and the United States of America, which are open only to African countries recognized by the partner. Consequently, the rules and framework of the African Union, which Morocco fully respects, do not apply in this case.

Regarding the invitation of the separatist Polisario Front to the eighth summit of the TICAD Forum, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry clarified that it was agreed from the beginning and with the approval of Tunisia that participation would be limited to the countries that received an invitation signed by both the Japanese The Prime Minister and the President of Tunisia.

The Moroccan statement also indicated that an official note verbale issued by Japan on August 19 expressly states that this jointly signed invitation “is the only one without which no delegation will be able to participate in TICAD-8.”

The statement also highlighted that the statement issued by Tunisia adopts the same interpretation regarding the African position, which has always been based on the full participation of African countries, not the members of the African Union, and is based on the Summit of the African Union. Resolution No. 762, which clarifies that the TICAD framework is not open to all members of the African Union, and that the participation formula is framed by the same decision and through arrangements with the partner, and adds that even the decision to the Executive Council issued in July 2022 in Lusaka was satisfied with “fostering inclusive participation” with its requirement to “comply with the relevant decisions of the African Union”, which in this case is Resolution 762.
The Moroccan statement noted that Tunisia’s sudden and unjustified abstention in the vote on Security Council Resolution No. 2602, which was adopted last October, raises real and legitimate doubts about its support for the political process and UN resolutions. United.

Regarding the reception given to the Tunisian head of state, leader of the separatist militia, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs was astonished by how it was considered part of “ensuring an equal reception for all Tunisian guests”, reiterating that it was “a flagrant and unjustified hostile act.”