The Popular Movement considers the reception of the Polisario leader a trap for Tunisia in the group of supporters of secession – today 24

The Popular Movement Party considered that the Tunisian president, Kais Saied, after receiving the leader of the separatist Polisario Front, pigeonholed Tunisia in the group of supporters of separatism and terrorism in the Maghreb.

In a statement, the party considered that the reception of the separatist entity revealed a “rogue and reckless political behavior”, and pointed out that the Tunisian president had embarked on a heinous adventure in which he stuck himself in the corner of the opponents of the Kingdom from Morocco. that he has never spared any effort to defend the interests of the Tunisian people.

The statement highlights that the aforementioned conduct “was carried out by narrow calculations, with the dictates of some parties hostile to the kingdom, in violation of all the established norms and positions that the Tunisian presidents have been embodying towards the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco. .”

The statement also affirmed its positive interaction with all the diplomatic steps and all the decisions taken by the Kingdom towards the Tunisian regime as a result of this heinous act, and called on the various political parties and all the forces alive in Tunisia to reveal their positions on this dangerous slide in which Qais Saeed entered his country.