The president of the Labor Council of Skhirat-Temara withdraws from the “TICAD” conference in Tunis – Today 24

The head of the Skhirat Labor Council, Temara Etimad Zahidi, announced the suspension of her participation in the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, organized in the Republic of Tunisia on August 27 and 28, and her return to the national territory after your arrival on Friday. tomorrow, in the context of the Tunisian President Kais Saied receiving the leader of the separatist “Front Polisario” Ibrahim Ghali in Tunisia.

In a statement received by “Al-Youm 24”, Hind expressed his dismay at the behavior of the separatist leader’s reception by the Tunisian president in an unacceptable precedent, which he considered a hostile move, “flagrant hostility” towards Morocco and its territorial integrity. . .

Hind Zahidi stressed that Tunisia’s behavior is an irresponsible change in the distinguished historical relations that bind the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Tunisia as a State and a people.

The spokeswoman added: “What Tunisia has done is a dangerous and unprecedented act. I can only denounce it, and based on the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I announce the suspension of my participation in the conference in protest of the violation of principles and national saints, and return directly to the motherland after my arrival this morning”.

The President of the Council received the invitation within the framework of the cooperation and association efforts that bring together the Kingdom of Morocco and the friendly State of Japan, by the Japan Association for the Support of the Development of Associations between the Public and Private Sectors, to participate in the eighth summit of the Japan-Africa Cooperation Forum (TICAD), which will be held in Tunis on August 27 and 28.