The youth of Al-Bijidi condemns the reception of the Tunisian president to the leader of the Polisario Front – Hoy 24

Today, Saturday, the National Youth Office of the Justice and Development Party issued a statement condemning the reception by Kais Saied, president of Tunisia, of Ibrahim Ghali, leader of the separatist Polisario Front.

The statement says that the Moroccan people were surprised by the reception of the Tunisian president Kais Saied, called Ibrahim Ghali, head of the Polisario militia, with an official reception similar to that of some of the heads of state participating in the African summit. Japanese.

The “Al-Bijidi” youth communiqué described as irresponsible and provocative the behavior of the Tunisian president, who does not take into account the nature of the supportive and cooperative relations that exist between the two countries, and his lack of respect for the feelings of the Moroccan generals in their relationship with their first cause.

The statement described the hostile behavior as a change in the position of the Tunisian regime towards the national question, and it is also a position that does not reflect the true position of the brotherly Tunisian people.

The Al-Misbah Youth statement expressed its pride at the successive reactions of various Tunisian patriots and democrats to this clumsy behavior by President Kais Saied, while calling on the free Tunisian people to pay attention to the dangers of fragmentation and discrimination, supported by the military. regime in Algeria, which intends to make Tunisia one of its servants and promoters.

He also considered that advancing towards the achievement of the Maghreb Union, as the political and economic space of the Maghreb countries, is the guarantee for overcoming all the development problems and difficulties facing the region, stressing that the interest of the Maghreb peoples lies in respect for their political options, which would achieve justice, dignity and freedom, with the support of the youth for all the measures adopted by the country in this regard to defend their superior interests and protect the feelings of all Moroccans .