Three people died in a serious traffic accident in Sidi Suleiman – today 24

Three people died as a result of a massive fire, on National Highway No. 4, which links the cities of Sidi Yahia El Gharb and Sidi Slimane.

The fire occurred, according to local sources, “a truck carrying gas cylinders collided with a truck loaded with diesel and a light car in which a woman was travelling”.

The crash that occurred yesterday, Friday, resulted in an explosion that caused panic among the residents of the area, and occurred after the two trucks collided with a truck loaded with tomatoes and were stopped on the side of the aforementioned road due to a malfunction.

Once the explosion ceased, the civil protection personnel were able to put out the fire, and the aforementioned road was closed by order of the local and security authorities of the Sidi Slimane region.