A commander and an employee suffered burns while trying to burn an “obsolete file” – today 24

Informed sources revealed that the commander of the Addis group command in Tata prefecture, which is administratively affiliated with the Souss Massa region, and his assistant suffered burns of varying severity, after which they were taken to hospital.

According to the available data, the leader, who was expected to be honored early next week by the population after his name was received regarding the transition movement that included the men of power, suffered burns of varying severity, both he and his assistant. during the process of burning an obsolete archive of the leadership, which is why his clothes caught fire due to the defective use of a highly flammable substance.

In addition, the two parties were rushed to the Batata Regional Hospital emergency hospital for necessary first aid, before being rushed to Agadir Hassan II Regional Hospital Center, where they are receiving treatment.