Merchants and restaurant owners complain about the specter of commercial stagnation due to the parking ban in Aourir – today 24

Professionals revealed that the specter of stagnation and the stoppage of work threatens the various commercial and professional activities located on the entry level of the Aurier commune, after new road signs were introduced to prevent people from standing in front of their shops.

Said Kajid, a collective activist from Agadir, said in a call to “Al-Youm 24” that the creation of the sign prohibiting parking and stopping, at the level of the road section linking the Tamraght bridge and the Aourir district, affected negatively to the commercial popularity in front of stores that sell bananas and restaurants.

He added, citing professionals from the region, that “restaurant sales, for example, fell by a significant percentage, since there was a decrease in the demand for food from visitors due to the fact that the gendarmerie prohibited parking according to the new signage vial established by the Aurier Group, compared to the popularity that you know the area had…”.

He pointed out that “restaurant owners, their sales today do not exceed 30 meals, while before they exceeded fifty meals a day, and this is a direct consequence of the fact that customers changed their destination to other areas of the coastal strip due to the prohibition of stop in front of their stores, urging the regional authorities to take into account the critical economic situation that the groups affected by this change are going through.”

In the same context, professionals expressed concern about a record drop in attendance, as one of them said in contact with the site: “We were looking forward to the current summer season to overcome the remnants of the Covid 19 crisis, that continues to cast a shadow over various business and professional sectors, before we were caught off guard by this unexpected decision. summer this season, and indefinitely…”.