The Moroccan women’s team enters a preparation camp for the next benefits – today 24

From August 29 to September 6, the women’s football team will participate in a closed preparatory meeting at the Mohammed VI Football Complex in Maamoura, in preparation for the upcoming matches.

For this, Reynald Pedros invited 23 players, most of them from the Royal Army, as the list included 14 players from the military team, a player from Shabab Muhammadiyah, Sporting Al-Bayda, Najah Souss and six players from the European leagues. .

The list included: Omaima Al-Omrani / Safiya Bouftini / Asiya Zuhair / Khadija Al-Rumaishi / Hind Al-Hasnawi / Aziza Al-Rabbah / Hanan Ait Al-Haj / Ibtisam Al-Jeridi / Sana Al-Masudi / Nouila Benzina / Siham Boukhami / Fatima Teknaout / Fatima Al-Zahra Al-Dahmous / Zainab Radwani / Rania Salmi / Safa Banuk / Najat Al-Badri / Sana Al-Daoudi / Alice Eva / Sakina and Zarawi / Ibtisam Bouharith / Alia Belkrim / Ghazalan Shahiri.

The Moroccan women’s team had performed well in the Women’s African Cup of Nations, which was recently played in Morocco, after being crowned runner-up for the first time in its history, losing in the final stretch by two goals. to one against South Africa.

This last participation is considered the best of the Moroccan team in the Women’s African Cup of Nations, after it was eliminated from the first round in the two previous participations, as a consequence of occupying the last place in the 2000 session without points, after losing all of their matches, and ending the 1998 session in third place with four points.