The peoples of the Maghreb are victims of the policies of some of their leaders – today 24

The Franco-Swiss political analyst, Jean-Marie Haidt, said that the sister peoples of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and other member countries of the Maghreb Union are “victims of the policy of some leaders who seem to be disconnected from the so-called public interest of the population.

The strong and solid relations that exist between the Moroccan and Tunisian peoples, who share a common history and culture, have become, according to Haidt, because of this reception “the object of contempt for a decision at the highest level in the State Tunisian. ”

Tunisia, hosting the leader of the “Polisario” separatist militias, within the framework of the eighth summit of the Japan-Africa Cooperation Forum (TICAD 8), according to the Franco-Swiss political scientist, in statements to Maghreb Arab News Agency, “ has opted for a frank alignment against the recognition of the Moroccan Sahara.

Haidt added: “It is hard to imagine that the Tunisian head of state, Kais al-Saeed, made such a “major miscalculation” and therefore Tunisia chose a risky path.

Haidt also questioned the reasons that led the Tunisian president to “unilaterally” invite a representative of one of the militias “not only as a controversial entity, and not only recognized by the international community, but also against the opinion of Japan and in violation of the preparation”. established process and rules. “.

He continued to ask himself: “What can Tunisia gain from such an act? What is the ‘remuneration’ that this entity can offer them?