Flights canceled with the start of the strike in Spain

The low-cost “Iberia Express” of the Spanish company “Iberia” canceled eight domestic flights this Sunday, while the low-cost “EasyJet” canceled 12 international flights from Spain to Geneva and London, announced the union of workers (USO) .

The cancellation of Iberia Express flights comes at the start of a 10-day strike by its crew, with the aim of obtaining salary increases amid inflation.

At mid-day, eight flights for some 1,500 passengers were canceled, while no delays were recorded, as confirmed by the Workers’ Union (USO) at the beginning of the movement.

The administration confirmed this cancellation and noted that it redirected 84 percent of the affected passengers to other flights. The others received compensation or purchase coupons.

The strike, scheduled until September 6, will mean the cancellation of 92 flights and will affect more than 17,000 passengers, according to the trade union. And the ‘Iberia Express’ indicated that only in the first three days of the strike 27 domestic flights would be cancelled.

Iberia Express connects Madrid with forty European cities.

The union is calling for an increase in wages to offset inflation, which reached 10.8 percent annually in July in Spain.

On the other hand, 12 EasyJet flights were canceled on Sunday as part of the company’s third strike in August, announced the Spanish Federation of Pilots (SEPLA).

The cancellations affect flights to and from Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, which connect these cities with London and Geneva.

A total of 79 flights have been canceled since easyJet’s first pilot strike on August 12, which lasted three days.

The pilots are demanding a return to the working conditions they enjoyed before the COVID-19 pandemic and the resumption of talks on a new collective agreement.

Their strike comes at the height of the tourist season and the resumption of activity, two weeks after the EasyJet crew strike that resulted in an agreement.

Meanwhile, dozens of new flights were canceled on Sunday to and from the main Portuguese airports, due to a strike at the “Potway” baggage transport company, according to the unions and the “ANA” company that operates the airports, affiliated with the “Vinci Group .French.

And the Portway administration announced in a statement that 69 flights were canceled at Lisbon and Porto (north) airports on the third and last day of this measure aimed at demanding a salary increase.

According to a report released this Sunday by Pedro Figueiredo, vice president of the National Confederation of Civil Aviation Workers (Sintac), the strike caused the cancellation of “at least 230 flights.”