Increases in the prices of books and school supplies despite government guarantees

“The entrance to the school for the current academic year is marked by a significant increase in prices”, according to the Moroccan Association of Writers; Although the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports confirmed on August 18 that the prices of textbooks will not change during the 2023-2022 school year.

The ministry stated that in order to guarantee the provision of textbooks on time and in sufficient quantity for the next school admissions, and to avoid any increase in their prices, and in an effort to preserve the purchasing power of Moroccan families, it issued a decision jointly with the Ministry. of Economy and Finance to assign a support mechanism to textbook publishers, after a series of consultations with the Interministerial Committee on Prices.

However, the communication issued by the Moroccan Association of Writers, and “Hoy 24” saw a copy of it, contradicted what was confirmed by the guardianship ministry, highlighting that “the direct support of the government was limited only to the publishers of the book of public education. , as for the imported book approved for private education, and the education book The first, tools, portfolios, notebooks and the rest of the requirements, were not covered by any government support, but were subject to a large increase and expensive for parents of students.

In addition, “the launch of the public textbook distribution process was delayed, which is known as severe shortages,” according to the same association; He explained that this process “does not cover the requests of the local notaries and participants of the real initiative, a million folders, which cover about 3 million and 600 thousand students in the framework of public agreements, which my books excluded from being close to benefit”. ”, as well as “the unavailability of the book during that time”. deviation from the consensus.

The Moroccan Association of Writers drew attention to “the increase in school supplies for months, ranging from 40 to 110 percent, and a daily increase in light of the monopoly of the market and the exploitation of the situation, with the absence of legalization of the price of imported books programmed in private schools, which is known to increase every new school season from 5 to 25 percent for most importers, in addition, private institutions sell the book and its supplies within their spaces , without complying and adhering to the law regulating it 06-00.”

And he continued: “Despite what the Curriculum Directorate issues regarding the titles covered by the change, each new season, al-Ketbi is surprised by the release of a ‘new and revised edition’, and this is what makes al-Ketbi lives in anguish with the stock that changes every year, and generates a collision with customers, who do not accept an old edition”.

The same association pointed out that “going to school is the main activity and the economic boom for more than 90 percent of local notaries, which weakens their annual income, in the face of school entry that is not governed by controls and protection of supervisors in the trade. and service sector.”

For all these reasons, the Moroccan Clerics Association expressed its condemnation of “all practices and behaviors that harm the activity of scribes”, holding “the competent authorities responsible for wasting school time and overloading libraries and parents of scribes”. students in the absence of market. stability”, demanding “all the competent authorities”. In the matter of books and publishers, intervening to provide the prescribed book and its supplies, and adopting suitable alternatives to the prescribed titles whose owners are not obliged to supply them in the market in the required quantities, from the beginning of the purchase and at the rates of discount that are common among publishers, and the sale of textbooks in private schools is put to an end, by ministerial decision.