Two journalists shot dead in Colombia

Assailants on a motorcycle shot and killed two journalists in Colombia on Sunday as they returned from covering a carnival, police said.

The two journalists who worked for the Sol Digital news site in the Caribbean city of Fundación were Lehner Montero Ortega, 37, and Delia Contreras Cantio, 39, Magdalena police chief Andrés Serna said.

They were driving back from the town of Santa Rosa de Lima, where they were covering the Carnival, to the Foundation, when the attackers opened fire on them, according to Cerna.

The latter indicated that a third person was injured, without specifying whether he was also a journalist.

Police said they believe the shooting may have resulted from a dispute or fight at the carnival.

But the Free Press Foundation called on the police to “take Lehner and Delia’s work as journalists into account” during the investigation of the crime.

The organization indicated that 768 journalists were subjected to some form of violence, including murder, last year.

Serna called an emergency police meeting at Fundación, which the government considers one of Colombia’s most violent, poor, black-market, and weak state institutions.

Since the signing of a peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in 2016, ten journalists have been killed in Colombia.

Colombia is the third most dangerous country in Latin America for journalists, after Venezuela and Mexico, according to Reporters Without Borders.