A bright future awaits Boris Johnson after Downing Street – today 24

Boris Johnson, whose countdown to leaving Downing Street has begun, won’t have to worry about his future as a famous political figure and witty orator who is both fierce and funny and will have plenty of opportunities when he steps down as Prime Minister.

At 58, he is currently a deputy. Johnson, who sometimes saw that his salary as prime minister (164,000 pounds a year, 194,000 euros) was insufficient to guarantee his lifestyle, he could become a millionaire if he wrote his autobiography and attended international conferences, as they did before he senior officials.

And his memoirs, if he chooses to write them down, could earn him millions.

You can earn $100,000 (100,050 euros) for each speech you give in the United States, Mark Cohn, director of Kroger Conn, tells AFP, which represents “talents” as diverse as Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Richard Branson (Virgin Group) , singer Cher, musician and activist Bob Geldof. .

And his annual salary as a deputy after taking office as prime minister is very low compared to what he earned (84,144 pounds, or 99,626 euros).

In Britain, Kuhn says, “it will be harder to market,” pointing to mixed sentiments raised by Boris Johnson, which may dampen the enthusiasm of the business community that often finances these well-paid speeches.

He adds that on the international scene, “he was prime minister in conjunction with the Donald Trump era.” He explains, “He is a famous person. But here he can also experience fluctuations” due to the strong reactions he provokes.

And he continues: “Theresa May, the former prime minister, did not achieve success” in the United States, unlike Tony Blair, very famous across the Atlantic for his close relations with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Although May is less charismatic than Johnson, she has been paid between £38,000 and £80,000 per speech since leaving Downing Street in 2019, according to the MPs’ Register of Financial Interests. She keeps 85,000 a year and uses the remaining amount to support her charity work.

Before coming to power, Johnson was paid between 25,000 and 40,000 pounds for each speech he made for two hours. At the time of him, the newspaper ‘Daily Telegraph’ paid him 22,916 pounds a month for a weekly article with a monthly work that did not exceed 10 hours, according to this record.

The Telegraph has distanced itself from Johnson, but the Daily Mail, which supports the prime minister, may have suggested he write an article when he leaves office.

In his spare time, Johnson, the father of two by his third wife, Carrie, 34, is able to write a book on Shakespeare, for which he received an advance payment in 2015 and has not written to date.

So far, Johnson has not revealed any of his plans.

But the phrase “see you soon,” which he used during the last impeachment session in the House of Representatives on July 20, raised many questions. At that moment, he announced, “I have completed my mission, at least for the time being.”

This is evidence to some that he may not have said his last word on politics after reluctantly announcing his resignation on July 7 after fierce opposition within his own party when he believed he still had an “enormous” task ahead of him. in front of.