Muhammad Al-Turk withdraws and apologizes to his followers… and the reason is unknown – today 24

After his repeated attempts to reconcile with his wife and restore the water to its normal course, the Bahraini producer Mohammed al-Turk, husband of the Moroccan artist Donia Batma, decided to withdraw from social networks, starting by definitively deleting his personal account. On Instagram. photo sharing site.

Al-Turk wrote a post on his “Instagram” account before deleting it, in which he said: “This account will be closed, thanks to all lovers and thanks to all haters, but God knows and you do not know. Beautiful moments and memories that I treasure.”

Al-Turk added in his post: “I tried to put a smile on everyone I met or needed me one day, but today I couldn’t find anyone who put a smile on my face. I repeat my apologies to all of you.”

Muhammad al-Turk expressed his sadness without indicating the reason for his withdrawal, contenting himself with words that further complicated the existing enigma about what is happening between him and the Batma family, after the publications that emerged in the “stories” of the Turkish recently, filled with apologies and regrets, but apparently to no avail, like all of Donia, Ibtisam and her husband, Fouad Kbeibo, by unfollowing their personal “Instagram” account.

For her part, Donia Batma maintains the veracity of the current controversy, and remains silent, despite having received several questions on the subject, but did not make any statement, either through her official sites in “Social Media” or media.