Raja Belmir explores the temples of India and knows its different cultures (+ photos) – Hoy 24

The Moroccan artist Rajaa Belmir shared the details of her trip to India, through the photos and videos that she publishes on her official “Instagram” page, each time expressing her surprise at some of the different cultures and religions that characterize the country. .

Sarcastically, Belmir talked about things that the people of India consider “the holy god” and how they are worshiped, such as some animals such as cows, elephants and idols, where he visited most of the temples in India. .

Raja published a video clip on his official page on “Instagram”, documenting the moment in which he performed some of the rituals that characterize the Indians inside their temples, and also put on the color red on his forehead.

Moroccan artist Rajaa Belmir highlighted a famous queen in India, Jhansi or “Lakshmi”, who made her an idol of worship due to her exciting story and great personality.

Raja expressed how much he enjoyed his expedition among the temples of India, commenting on his photos: “I had a lot of fun discovering a new culture.”