Sherine at the Casa de la Diva… Is there a job that brings you together? – Today 24

With features that suggested the return of happiness and hope, the Egyptian star Sherine Abdel Wahab appeared, on Sunday, in the heart of the Diva House, Samira Said, after being received by the musician Tarek Madkour.

Sherine did not appear since her divorce from Hossam Habib with happy features, because in her last photos she surprised her audience by the absence of her grace and her excess weight, but the last photos collected by the Moroccan star Samira Said seemed to her a kind of happiness. and the hope.

Diva shared her photos with her friend Sherine Abdel Wahab, who welcomed her into his home with Egyptian musician Tarek Madkour, sparking the public’s curiosity as to whether there was a new piece of art or a singing “duo” that would combine Sherine. and Samira.

Saeed commented on the photos with my love, Sherine.… aNice to see you and my friend Tarek Madkour.And I was happier that I saw you free and happyAnd, God willing, you will complete your journey with greater success.You have given me a loyal and loving friend.”

Diva’s latest work was the song “Karabaj”, which she released a few days ago on her official YouTube channel, which achieved almost two and a half million views, where she again dealt with music distributor Tariq Madkour after 20 years of absence . cooperation between them.