The Casablanca Stock Exchange ends its listing due to the impact of the fall – today 24

The Casablanca Stock Exchange ended its listing, today, Tuesday, in the impact of the fall.

Thus, the main index “MASI”, which includes all financial transactions of the type of actions, decreased by 0.43 percent to settle at 12,117.32 points.

For its part, the “MSI 20” index, which reflects the performance of 20 listed companies, fell 0.25 percent to 982.98 points.

For its part, the Environmental, Social and Governance Reference Index “Casablanca ISG10” decreased by 0.46 percent to 908.81 points. In terms of international indices, the “FTSSE Morocco All-Liquid” index decreased by 0.42% to 10,219.01 points, and the “FSTE – CSE Morocco 15” index decreased by 0.29% to 11,256.56 points .

The total volume of transactions amounted to about 29.6 million dirhams, of which 29.46 million were achieved mainly in the central market and 136,055 in the remittance market.

Maroc Telecom dominated the volume of these transactions with 15.64 million dirhams, followed by Attijariwafa Bank (6.41 million dirhams) and Sonasid (1.34 million dirhams). For its part, the market capitalization exceeded 628,420 million dirhams.

In terms of stocks, the strongest increases were recorded by “Delta Holding” (+2.82% to AED 28.8), “Hitech Payment System” (+2.5% to AED 6,150) and “Atlanta Sanad” (+ 1.82% to AED 6,150). 131.5 dirhams), “Bank of Africa” (+1.11% to 182 dirhams) and “Timar” (+0.96% to 172.65 dirhams).

On the other hand, the strongest falls were recorded by “African Industry” (-5.63% to 360.5 dirhams), “Levi’s Deposits in Morocco” (-4.88% to 54.02 dirhams) and “Insurance Insurance”. Loyalty” (-4.67). % to 3,861 dirhams), “Transport” (-3.89% to 31.14 dirhams) and “Stokes of North Africa” (-3.53% to 13.11 dirhams).